My Favorite Creatives

How could anyone be a brand hero without a fearless legion of amazing creative minds?  As part marketing leader, chief communicator, creative director, and champion of brand innovation I've had the pleasure to work with some brilliant creatives.


Conrad Winter

A super-intelligent creative mind, and about as easy-going as they come. Conrad is an unstoppable writer - the best I've worked with. A master at taking the completely foreign and mundane and making it awesome! 

Andrea Shemeley

In one word, infectious! She's got the grit, the mojo, and an unlimited tank of energy and ideas. An expert on branding and a designer who knows her craft. She will make your entire team better. 

Alexander Williams

The guy is smart, polished, and rad to work with. Well traveled and a lover of what he contributes to the world - Alex is the best videographer/editor I've worked with. You will appreciate how he goes all-in on his subject and how he provides exactly what is needed to get the very best from it. Solidly professional, reliable, and fun to work with! 

Adrienne Longo

While she makes a living shooting extraordinary weddings, she's a brilliant creative for corporate and branding work - and she's a flat out rad individual with inspirational life stories that will leave you loving her more than her work. In fact, she may have shot some of the photos on this site ;)